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WheelSpacers.biz is online store specializes in wheel spacers, wheel adapters for almost every vehicle. We carry the high end wheel spacers such as H&R, Eibach, Custom Made Only that are made with highest quality standard to ensure the safety for you on day-to-day driving. These wheel spacers are made with high grade air craft aluminum with carbon steel studs. Custom CNC machine cut to ensure precise fitment and consistent quality on each wheel spacer that is produced.

Why Purchase Wheel Spacers

Wheel spacers are often used when the wheels that don't have the correct offset for a vehicle. A wheel spacer will push the wheel out and correct the offset clearance. The spoke of the wheel might scrape a car's caliper so wheel spacer will push the wheel spoke away to create enough distance from the caliper. Wheel spacers can also be used to wide the stance of the vehicle in order to improve the balance of the vehicle. This component can increase lateral stability, which in turn provides improved handling and greater safety for daily driven vehicles.